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My goodness!  After days of running around yelling weeha, yahoo and trying to ride my daddy off into the sunset, my mommy and daddy finally got a clue and bought me a bouncy horse.  Oh how I love my bouncy horse.  It clips, clops and sings, what more does a kid need.  This horsey is so furry and soft and has the best saddle of any horsey ever.

Before I got my new horsey I had to resort to making my daddy get on his hands and knees while I climbed aboard and did my best to get old trigger there to scramble around the house.  Boy for some reason my daddy horse couldn’t last more than 15, 20 minutes tops.  And that isn’t long enough to have any real fun.  It was just sad.

Then my mom caused me so much disgust by not letting me ride the dog.  I mean he looks like a horsey already and walks on four legs because I can count to four now.  Every time I tried to get to the dog my mommy would say that darn dreaded N word, NO!  Oh how I hate to hear that.

So of course I immediately fall to the floor (that’s my new thing) and scream.  It works about 35% of the time.  I don’t know how much that is but hey, a baby gotta do what a baby gotta do.  So until I find a better solution to getting my way, that’ll do.  Now back to my horsey.

My mommy and daddy call him lucky or something.  But I just call him weeha.  I mean that “is” what you are supposed to say when you see a horsey.  Right?  Who cares as long as he keeps running and singing.  Well I have to get back to weeha and see how fast he runs.



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I don’t know if you know or not so I’ll just assume that you don’t. But those boxes of pop up wipe sheets are so cool it’s unbelievable. If you pull one out another sheet pop up right behind it. It’s like the box knows that I’m there waiting for another sheet to pop out. I could sit there all day playing with that box. That is until it gets tired or something. I’ll spend a little time pulling those sheets out when the box just stops for some reason or another. I’ll sit there and wait for a minute or two. But nope, the box isn’t going to give me another sheet.

Well, for some reason, mom doesn’t like me playing with this box. She’ll come into the room and see me with my box on the floor, stomps her feet, and yells Booba! That’s one of my nicknames just in case you couldn’t figure it out. I know it took me a while. She comes in and yells Booba! And then she’ll take the box and the sheets away. But eventually, somehow, the box finds its way back to some place where I can reach it and the pull the sheets out game starts all over again!

That is, until my mom found my weakness. Cribtonite! One day mom started putting the box into my crib and that was all she wrote. I’ll try to reach it. But I can’t get my hands through those wooden bars. I’m sure they emit some kind of crib ray that makes a baby sleepy. I’ll try to get the box for a few seconds. But if I stay too long I’ll start getting sleepy and want to fall asleep. I don’t know how that thing does it to me. One day mom held me up to get the box. I screamed! I know she was trying to put me in that infernal device of sleepiness. But I resisted. I screamed and held on to her. That cribtonite isn’t going to get me without a fight.

Mom laughed. I’m sure that was just to pretend that she wasn’t upset about losing this particular battle. But sometimes, in the middle of the day, that cribtonite is so strong I can’t fight it and I go to sleepy land. She wins those battles. And at night? Cribtonite is cribto-crazy! I can’t stay a wake no matter what I do. I’ll be in the other room and it gets me! One day I’ll figure out how it works and how to overcome it. One day! I’ll keep you posted.


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Wow! I never thought my blog would ever get so popular! It has been a while since I updated what has been going on in my life. I’ve grown about 6 more inches in height and I’ve put on a couple of pounds since the last time I wrote anything. I was sure I would be back more often. But you know how busy a toddler can get these days.

Anyway, I opened up my blog and so many people came here to hear what I had to say about the Backyardigans. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show that everybody needs to watch. Like the one episode where Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone are super spies with a mission to break into a museum. I won’t ruin the plot for you. But trust me, unless you just don’t like good shows, you like this show.

I didn’t think sooo many people would be coming here to read about the Backyardigans. Actually, I don’t have much of a concept for numbers. But when I heard mommy say, “wow you did pretty good,” I knew I had done pretty good. So hopefully this’ll give me an incentive to do more writing. Maybe I can do another review? Oh well, there’s only so much time in the day. And a toddler’s got to do what a toddler’s got to do. Chow for now!

My Clueless Parents

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Don’t get me wrong.  I love my parents.  Wait, let me try that again.  I love my mom and I like my dad.  Is that right?  Let my try one more time.  I love my mom and I kinda like my dad.  But they aren’t the shiniest marbles in the bag.
My voice skills have a lot to be desired these days.  I’m still having trouble putting together cohesive words.  So for the past few months the only way I have to tell my parents anything is to get their attention is to mumble stuff that really sounds incoherent.  They think its cute.  But I’m trying to tell them something and all they do is look at me and imitate my babble.  I’m trying to let them know this is not the time and I’m serious.  I’ll hit them on their knee in order to get them to focus.
And what do they do?  They hit me back!  It’s not hard or anything.  But I’m trying to tell them something and all they want to do is pick a fight!  It is so frustrating!
Well I think they’ve finally figured it out.  I’m going through potty training.  Mom had me outside and we were talking to grandma.  Mom was holding me.  After a minute or two I hit her.  Mom tells grandma that we had to go inside because I was being disagreeable.  When we get inside she puts me down and I ran for the potty.  I just made it too.  Finally, the light goes off!  My hitting was my way of trying to let them know something is up!
I’m glad it was mommy because I seriously doubt if daddy would have been able to figure it out.  His marble is much duller than mommy’s.  She let daddy know and now we have a better understanding.  I don’t get in trouble as much any more.  Thank goodness!  It was really beginning to get on my nerves.

Trackball For Me

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I just had to laugh at daddy today. Daddy has a trackball that he uses with his laptop. It has this little red ball that pops right out and I love to play with that thing. Well, daddy doesn’t like me playing with it. And so he usually puts in on the seat of the couch way in the back. Now before, no matter how I tried, I could never reach anything anybody put back there. But today, I reached it with a couple of inches to spare. Daddy’s mouth dropped open and I took the ball and started to run. Of course he took it away from me. They now know that the couch isn’t big enough to keep me from getting things. It’s only a matter of time before I’m pulling things off the refrigerator.

Just A Matter Of Time

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I am furious! My daddy is a poo-poo head! Why? Let me tell you!

For the longest time daddy has been giving me this big bottle of stuff he rubs all over himself when he gets out of the bath tub. It’s called lotion. I think it’s some kind of glue that is supposed to help keep your clothes on your body because right after he rubs that stuff on he goes in his bedroom and after a few minutes he comes out with all his clothes on. Mom will put some on me when I get all cleaned up and before I get my clothes on. Anyway, right after he finishes rubbing the lotion on he closes it up and gives me the bottle. I will roll it. I will pick it up. I will put it down. I will pick it back up. I will put it back down. I will roll it around some more. But for the life of me I couldn’t get that stuff to come out to save my life.

I don’t know how long we’ve been playing this game. But trust me, I wasn’t born just yesterday. In fact, not too long ago, I had my first birthday. I’ll have to show you the pictures some time. Anyway, it’s not like I’m some nobody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I have paid dues. I had to learn. Today, I figured out how to open the lotion bottle. Daddy thought he was being slick. But I watched him and I saw that it had this little thing on the top that you flip open. It took me a while to figure out how to get my fingers to do what his fingers did. But pop! Just like that I had it opened. And as soon as I flipped it open what did daddy do? He took it away from me. I was like, WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?

I yelled and hollered and screamed but he wouldn’t give it back to me. So what does he do? He give me another bottle instead. He said if I could get into this one they are going to have to change my name to Who-di-ni. Well, they better get ready to change my name then because I’ve already started working on this new bottle. It is only a matter of time. You’ll see. One day you will come back to my blog and it’ll say the future according to Who-di-ni. And then daddy will know who he is messing with! He doesn’t know I’ve been watching him with this bottle too. It’s got a screw on top. It is just a matter of time.

Wuzza’s Backyardigan Adventure

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It has been a long, long time. I’ve gone through a lot of changes. The last time I wrote something I couldn’t even crawl. Now, not only can I crawl, I’m walking! The last time I wrote something I didn’t have a single tooth in my mouth. Now I have four. At least I think I have four. I can’t count just yet, but I heard my mommy tell my daddy that. I have a toothbrush. I have a little wagon thing that helps me learn to walk better. I have to admit I do a lot of falling down. Sometimes I hit my head and that really gives me a headache.

So what else have I been doing? I am so glad I asked. There is this television show that I have found that is the boob bomb. I am talking about the Backyardigans. The Backyardigans is a show about these kids that get together to play in their backyards. There is a moose and his name is Tyrone. There is a hippo-pot-of-muss named Tasha. There is Austin and he is a kangaroo. There is Pablo and he is a penguin. And there is Uniqua but I don’t know what she is. She might be a bug. She might be an alien from out of space. She is pink with purple dots. I know! It’s crazy!

Mom and Dad like them because they don’t have any racial stuff. There isn’t a white kid and a black kid and an Asian kid and a Hispanic kid and whatever. Don’t tell anyone, but the other day daddy said that if they had made the Backyardigans white they would have made another one for black people called the Backalleygans.

Anyway, these kids meet in the backyard and they use their imagination to have an excellent adventure. They have been to Mars. They have been to the center of the Earth, that’s way under the ground in case you didn’t know. They have been to the Hima…Himalay…Himmalaysia…to the mountains. They have been to the edge of the world to see the rainbow. They had a mystery where they had to find the missing diamonds. They’ve done a lot of things. You really need to check them out!

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to write again. I hope I haven’t lost my fans. But you know how busy a baby can be these days. I hope to write again very soon. Later!